Testimonials From Our Patients

As someone who sits behind a computer all day/everyday I was starting to experience systems of carpal tunnel syndrome. I started seeing Dr. Erik for both his chiropractic and acupuncture services for my issues, and the pain is gone. Now I only go once a month for maintenance visits to make sure it doesn’t return.

Alison F

I didn’t know anything about chiropractic until I met Dr. Askeland. I had chronic migraines (3-4 a week that kept me out of work) and took all kinds of meds for treatment. After six months of adjustments my migraines improved significantly. After a year they were 90% gone! (Only 1 every 8-12 weeks!!) I’ve recently started doing acupuncture for allergies and LOVE it!!

Jana T.

Dr. Erik is the best Doctor in Raleigh. He is more than a Chiropractor to my family. I am a new mom and I take my toddler to him. I have been since she was a newborn. Dr. Erik is great with kids! If she has a cold, I take her to Dr. Erik before I take her to the pediatrician. The front desk staff is very friendly and we never have to wait more than 3-5 minutes. Also, his office hours are very convenient. I have not tried acupuncture yet, but I’ve heard great things. I may do that in the future for my allergies.

Casey S.

I’ve been going to Erik for about 8 months. I’d never been to a chiropractor prior to visiting him. My back had been out of whack and I was gearing up to participate in an off-road duathlon. He is very personable and professional. After taking my history and getting my x-rays he went to work. I’ve gone from being seen twice a week to now a maintenance visit of once every 3 weeks. My back and neck feel great and I can really feel when things start to shift around. His front staff are courteous and easy to talk to, and they are always ready to greet you with a cheery smile.

Michael E

I have been going to Erik for at least 3 years now. Before I began going to Erik, I almost gave up on chiropractic care. I tried out numerous other chiropractors in the past, and did not feel as if they ever helped at all. As soon as I started going to Erik, I noticed a dramatic change. He is consistently able to fix my problem areas, including chronic headaches and neck pain (to the point where medication was not even effective), and back pain. I hardly ever have to take any medication for headaches and rarely have back pain anymore. He was even able to resolve problems I was having as I began training for my first half marathon (including plantar fasciitis) and keep me injury-free to make it all the way through training and race day. He is professional and easy to talk to, and the office staff is wonderful. It’s always a great experience!

Jackie K

For years I suffered from pain all over my body. I’m a dental hygienist so with my job there’s repetitive motion for my neck, shoulder and wrists. When I first started seeing Dr. Askeland there was a large bump around my neck. I also had acid reflux, sugar problems, migraines and pain in my foot. It has been 3 months since my first appt. I’m almost completely healed of my symptoms. My job is easier and less painful since I can turn my head without pain. I have not taken an acid reflux pill in 2 months. The bump in my neck is GONE. Along with diet and exercise, chiropractic helped my diabetes. I no longer take any sugar medicine. My foot is now pain free and my migraines have all but stopped.

Kandi R.

My son started with Dr. Askeland at a young age due to chronic ear infections & fluid in ears. Prior to seeing Dr. Askeland, our pediatrician referred us to an ENT Dr who threatened to put tube’s in my son’s ears! My son has been seeing Dr. Askeland for 1 year and his ears are perfectly clear with no infection or fluid. His health is remarkably improved, he does not seem to get as many colds as he used to!! Dr Askeland is a wonderful chiropractic family doctor. Both of my kids enjoy going to his office, he is gentle, fun loving and my son grins every time after the adjustment! I strongly encourage you to introduce your kids to his practice at an early age!

Cara H.